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:icondcmarvelman:i was tagged by dc marvelman so 10 Facts About Me: 1. i'm half algerian 2. i'm also autistic 3. my favorite show is adventure time 4.i'm practicing my drawing skills so that later on i can put drawings on the internet 5.i have ideas for a comic series called R.P.G 6. I love classic 8 bit r.p.g's and mario r.p.g's 7.i'm inspired by anything thats creative and original 8.i've always a ladies man favorite food is cheese burgers 10.and i like long walks on the beach 

My answers  to dcmarvelmen favorite acting preformance has to be ultron from the advengers he was so intmidating 
                        2.i went snow tubing with some friends and i slipped and fell down the hill 
                        3.they have a sexualality of there own i know its wrong but its just how there brains work so no
                        4.HATE ART its just (fucking stupid)
                        5. its hard too say i have a lot of fictional crushes 
the show i binge on is adventure time thats how much i love it
                        7.i don't game much but i'm looking forward to nintendo NX
                        8.don't really look into batman
                        9.pretty much if there almost everywhere 
                        10.yes yes we are we delve deep into many emotions 
 my questions to my tags 
1.what is your goal when you grow up you have any mixed heritages(not being racist i'm just wondering because i have mix heritage)
3.what is the most funniest thing you've sawn in your life you like 8-bit r.p.g's you find jontron funny
6.your favorite food
7.what is your favorite color  
8.what state are you from 
9.your age (i'm starting to get lazy i know)
10.what it be interesting to be part of a comic series 




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United States
male ,likes drawing, and weightlifting , and is in high school blank

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